Vila EDEN - accommodation in Pec pod Sněžkou.
in Pec pod Sněžkou

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Location, map

Pec pod Snezkou Pec pod Snezkou lies at the confluence of Zelenypotok, Upapotok and Lucnipotok. It can be found on the map between Cerna hora (1299 m), Jelenivrch (1024 m), Lisci hora (1363 m), Studnicni hora (1554 m) and the highest mountain in the Czech Republic, Snezka (1602 m). Pec pod Snezkou is a valley at an altitude of 769 m above sea level.

Vila Eden is at coordinates N 50 ° 41.88240 ', E 15 ° 44.32028'

How to get to us?

If you are driving a car, do not drive on a dirt road, which GPS often shows as a shorter road, because this road is impassable in winter and you risk getting stuck in the snowdrift. Approach Pec pod Snezkou, then turn right at the first crossroads and continue to Pizzeria Andel, then turn right behind this pizzeria and rideover the bridge. Our garages are located behind this bridge.